The primary Nicaraguan partners in the organization, representing radiologists and X-ray technologists, are respectively ANRI (asociation Nicaraguense Radiologia e Imagen), and ANTRA (asociation Nicaraguense Technicos en Radiologia). UNAN-León and UNAN-Managua closely cooperate in the planning and execution of the program. Lenin Fisher, radiologist at HEALFM in Managua, acts as a coordinator between the various Nicaraguan and Dutch partners.


The primary Dutch partners are UMCU, Utrecht, responsible for the educational program; NICHED, Eindhoven, responsible for improving infrastructure for hardware and maintenance; and NUFFIC, the Hague, providing the subsidy for the on-going NUFFIC-TMT program.
The municipality of Utrecht supports the visit of talented Nicaraguan students to the UMCU with the aim to improve the Nicaraguan educational program.